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Family and family-system interactions make strong impressions on who we are and who we become. Children today live in a world with a much faster pace than the 1960s or 1950s. The ever-increasing amount of information, social changes, and human events challenge decisions and values that youth of all ages are confronted with today, more so than the simplicity of life and what society presented decades ago. Change is ongoing. Some things remain the same.
Many traditional family interactions and values continue today. They are remembered, become passed down, and maintained because they work successfully and offer a well-being sense in our human existence. Some things are tried and true.
The simplicity, unity, work ethic, human support, and the once mechanical efforts or technology remembered and described in this book take children and adults of the 2000s back in time to events and interactions that are worth considering and valuing.
The story is an enjoyable one, filled with comfortable human relationships, strong impressions, simple activities, and vivid descriptions. It presents an image from which young people may experience the past and inspire them to consider their own strong memories, stories, and life-long influences.

Our values come from memorable life experiences passed from generation to generation. Most children reflect on experiences and moments that made impressions on them. Values are formed and kept close by us if early foundations are secure, consistent, and safe. Time changes the setting, but some values remain the same.
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