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George Rowand’s inspired but sometimes misguided quest to own winning racehorses results in many lean years and innumerable setbacks. “I had been in the business six and one-half years, and that time was marked by defeats, failure, disappointment, bad decisions, bad judgment, and bad horses. I couldn’t point to a single thing I had done right, and because of that, the window of opportunity was almost sealed shut,” Rowand writes.

Yet almost miraculously, a tough gelding and a feisty filly emerge to save Rowand and his Bonner Farm from ruin and brings Rowand the success in horse racing that had always been his dream. In this refreshingly candid memoir about his experiences as a Thoroughbred owner and breeder, Rowand shows that dreams really can come true.
Published: Eclipse Press on
ISBN: 9781581501278
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