Hybrid Children of the Stars
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Nine-year-old Asja and her seven-year-old brother, Ny, are the first hybrid aliens ever to elude the Zetian Greys by accessing a portal to a parallel universe. As Asja finds herself in the strange world known as Earth, she suddenly realizes that she has somehow become separated from Ny during their transport. Now, as she wanders a perilous land alone and searches for the offspring of the Royalty of Gijon, Asja knows that without Ny, she is powerless to fight off potential enemies.

Asja begins her search for her brother, living as a human and being careful to avoid letting anyone know who she is or where she came from. She encounters an Earth woman, who takes her to a foster family made up of unruly children to convince Asja to find her human mother. As Asja attempts to adjust to her new life, she traverses parallel universes and finds her lost brother, others like them, and more danger than she ever imagined.

In this science fiction adventure, a pair of young hybrid aliens embarks on the ultimate quest for answers as a psychopath alien lurks in the shadows and waits to end their journey forever.

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ISBN: 9781491702970
List price: $3.99
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