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The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah tells the story of the good Jewish King Hezekiah, who lived, ruled, struggled, prayed, and saw incredible miracles 2,700 years ago. King Hezekiah was a man desperate for God’s help in ways that we can all relate to today. While you may not be a king—with all the benefits and troubles it brings—you probably have people who depend on you for guidance and protection. In today’s world, you may find yourself unemployed, seriously ill, alone and facing great adversity, or dealing with all kinds of other troubles that seem way too big to handle on your own.

In The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah, author W. D. Crowder shares the story of King Hezekiah to illustrate how we can overcome odds that sometimes seem insurmountable in order to survive troubling times. Crowder explores how a seemingly obscure Jewish King of the tiny southern Israeli Kingdom of Judah dealt with and miraculously overcame many of the same issues that personally impact you today. The example of this good man King Hezekiah may astonish you.

The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah tells a fascinating, true story supported by the Bible and other historical records and addresses problems that are relevant to us today in these troubling times.
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