Is it myth or fact? The famous El Dorado, hidden in the steamy Amazon jungles of Columbia, has never been found. Many have given their lives trying to find this "City of Gold." A well respected archeologist from the University of California, Berkeley, has obtained classified government satellite images of the river basin where old treasure maps indicate where the lost city may lie. The IR sat maps show waterways where none were thought to exist. His life’s work is to find the treasure and discover the ancient archaeological mysteries of the region. He is willing to bet his life and his reputation on this final expedition. An old buddy of the professor's---his life haunted by memories of his service on a river patrol boat in Viet Nam--agrees to transport him, his daughter, a grad student and his best friend up the Amazon in an old refurbished WWII PT Boat, to search for the ancient city. Unfortunately, there is a mole aboard, who has contracted with terrorists to sabotage the expedition. Along the way, the crew encounters friendly and not-so-friendly natives, drug runners, giant man eating piranha and other dangerous creatures. The monstrous, 12-foot piranha, who protect the fabled City of Gold, are cared for by the evil guardians of the old city. A related, splinter tribe is in a battle with them that pits brother against brother, father against son. Will gold fever overcome love and humanity, or will good win out against evil? This high-powered action thriller is packed with nonstop action, bad guys and plot twists right up to the "golden" end. A great read!
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ISBN: 9781483506654
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