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This new book is an inspirational and visually beautiful collection of words and photographs memorializing the charm of old tombs, their poignant epitaph — plus words of wisdom from leaned people on life, love and death.
• It blends the beautiful old tombs with an inspirational epitaph or thought of life and death. Nothing has been done under this title or in this manner, with such a powerful and positive perspective on dying.
• There is a revival in our Western cultures in dealing with death, so this subject is apropos’ for our 21st century.
The audience will be diverse; appealing to those who read inspirational, philosophical, historical, artistic, poetic, spiritual, sociological, and religious books. It abounds with materials for eulogies, letters of condolence, sermons, epitaphs, and a video documentary.
The book is devoted almost exclusively to old tombs in the Americas and Western Europe. The text and braves are all-encompassing, appealing to all faitys and nationalities — but primarily Christian.
The visual impact of the book with its 223 color pictures blend harmoniously and 20,000 words — it magically telegraphs the message of living life to the fullest so as not to fear death
It contains quotations from 333 famous people worldwide on life and death.
The once avoided subject of death is coming alive — a healthy sign, since — when we shy away from death, we inevitably shy away from life. These lovely old tombs, inscribed with gems of wisdom, combined with noble thoughts from poets, artists, philosophers, sages, and scholars actually soften the fear of death and encourages living a life of love and giving. And kindles a desire to go soul searching in the beautiful but often forgotten sanctuaries of the dead.
This book is unique. It is certain to be popular.
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ISBN: 9781481759830
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