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This is the research paper where I am trying to have a clearer view of South Africa as a business destination for the international companies. I have gathered the data and the information during the last 2 years and then I have done an attempt to connect the bits and pieces in order to solve this complex jigsaw puzzle. I have utilized the information from many books and online material as the primary source of data and information. I have also stayed in this country and have travelled from Johannesburg, to Pretoria to Bloemfontein to Durban and to capetown, in my pursuit to identify as many, dissimilarities, contrasts and similarities in the market conditions, as possible in the process of identifying the best way for a company to enter this market from a foreign land.
The entire paper is divided into 4 parts to have a structured form:
1) South Africa: A bird’s eye view
2) Further Insight of the Business scene
3) Nosedive into the Sea of Opportunities and challenges for the international companies
4) The road ahead; an estimate till 2020

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