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What if you are in your office minding your business and you receive news that a very dangerous man is in your midst? And then what appears to be a world class dictator walks in? There are things in life you cannot ignore. For a bunch of motley characters, the unexpected event ignited the strangest, funniest manhunt on the Equator.

Then he barged straight in, full of anticipation... There was a small man, slightly balding and in his late forties or early fifties, looking into the very wide mirror on the wall. He turned.. .without saying anything to identify himself, but his eyes gave him away. They were so nervous they looked as if they were about to crack like glass... Then the small man put his hand into his shirt pocket.

At that moment, a man in his twenties walked into the washroom, whistling a tune casually. The small man froze and took his hand out of his pocket – it was empty... Then he turned to the mirror and pretended that there was something in his eye.
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Number One Chicken

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