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Grip yourself as you discover Prikhodko’s story about her quest to find love, and a dreamland to the cold north. Her mother, a widow fights for every inch along her bloody road while raising her two daughters. Beasts on horses raid the savages’ lands, cannibalizing their captured prey. Salko (the widow) defies all odds by keeping her family together. One morning she awakes and decides to chase the dream of her grandmother. They now discover that the beasts are not the only dangers on Lamenta. Death demands a high price for this dream quest as they to no avail try to squeeze past its hellish grip. Prikhodko finds love and tears many times. Her mission includes destroying many evil races that live in the underworlds. Her dream captures and destroys all her loves until she escapes her dreams bloody cage. She finds herself in so many different places, including Sharyawn, the next planet in their solar system. Prikhodko holds one great secret, that being the future divinity of her daughter (the Chosen One) who will someday rule more galaxies then Lamenta has grains of sands. Her daughter’s first throne will rule over demons as their Queen. She eventually escapes and creates the greatest empire of love and peace throughout the remainder of this series.

How can we not know about the millions of galaxies and different dimensions? Life does exist as so many great Empires exist and evolve. Some are from the light of good, while others are from the dark of evil. There shall come forth the chosen one. This first book shares the birth of the chosen one's mother, and her tribulations as the powers of the lights and powers of the dark fight so hard to capture the chosen one, who shall first be the queen of evil and then fight her way back into the light to be the Queen of Queens of light. prikHodko loses all to find her dream, only to have it taken from her.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781490711324
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