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40 Ways To Make Your Agent Love You: A Guide For Actors, Musicians And Models

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Great news! You’ve got yourself an agent. You’ve sent them all the promotional material they need, given them a hundred different ways they can get in touch with you. Told them you’re keen for the work. Now you’re waiting by the phone. Waiting... waiting.... waiting... Where are the jobs? Why aren’t you in demand by now? Haven’t you done everything they asked?

When you are an Actor, Model, Musician or Performing Artist, working with an Agent to build your career can be a thrilling ride. Unfortunately, more often than not it can lead you to become angry, frustrated and make you want to quit the industry.

What is it with these agents? Are they just out to fleece you for the money? Why do they give one person the audition but not the other? How much schmoozing is necessary to get them to make it all happen for you? Why have you not heard from them for a month?

You’ll hear these questions amongst Performing Artists and Models time and time again.

If only they knew the answers are right here in this book!

I am Kitegirl Coach, Annabelle Drumm and I worked as a professional performer for 9 years. I had good Agency experiences and bad ones. I finally found an Agent I could work with and stayed with them for many years.

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule? Well I was in that top 20% that got 80% of the work. I was one of the Elite. The sort of person Advertising Agencies rang to book and didn’t even offer an audition to other actors. The sort of person who was sat down with a glass of water and told I could do better by a Casting Director because she “knew” this was a job for me. I did very well.

Then I was an Agent myself co-founding a company that represented artists in 7 cities over 2 countries for 15 years. So I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I know what an Agent needs very well and I offer you my 40 top secrets here.

Buy 40 Ways to Make Your Agent Love You and get all my secrets so you can be one of the Elite in your Agency too.

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