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Divine protection is not to be wished. It is to be worked out. Supernatural protection is not an assumption. It places a responsibility upon us to activate supernatural forces ordained of God to shield us against the ravenous beasts of this earth. Good and evil will exist until the Lord Jesus comes again. But Believers cannot live fatalistic lives. We must put all spiritual weapons to work and prevail against the evils of the day. The promises of divine protections are not cosmetic. The evil of our day is that we do little in substance and in time to turn the word into flesh and make every word deliver its mate. We must live lives that please God to actualize our covenant covering. Our lives must command, not demand divine intervention. The ministry of angels is not abolished. The blood of Jesus has not run dry. The efficacy of the word is determined by how we handle it. Those who know their God cannot be cheap victims in the hands of beasts. We must live by choice, not chance. It is this thought that has been given some light in this book and I pray it may inspire courage, boldness, holiness and positioning to conquer and positioning to conquer and live beyond harm (above hurt) by divine covering.
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