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Black Clouds and Epitaphs

125 pages3 hours


Based on actual events, this gripping tale unfolds as young Trace Savage follows a trail of blood and plunder across the rugged frontier of the late 1860's in dogged pursuit of the brutal band of border bandits who murdered his parents. One by one, he overtakes and faces the killers, branding the corpses he leaves behind with the mark of the serpent.

Savage becomes partners with Stalkin' Sam Irons, an aging mountain man, and together they travel the rugged backbone of the Rockies. When Sam is killed in a pitched battle with warring Blackfeet, Trace continues to Idaho Territory.

An exciting horse race, a life and death struggle with a marauding grizzly and a tender love affair move this fast-paced adventure toward an exciting, powerful climax, pitting Trace Savage against the leader of the murderous raiders.

This title was previously released in print as MARK OF THE SERPENT.

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