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“This publication is a presentation of cloud meteorology as experienced by a seasoned Aviation Meteorologist. It contains a comprehensive discussion of Cloud Meteorology, presenting explanations of cloud formation, cloud types and cloud dynamics, the atmospheric forces internal and external to cloud existence. It discusses the earths’ atmospheric-chaotic-nature and it’s impact on clouds and cloud systems. Clouds are visual indicators of the atmospheres’ dynamics and related weather phenomena, and, to some extent, predictors of coming weather conditions. Clouds are beautiful icons of nature and at the same time, complicated creatures studied by meteorology. It is the authors’ purpose to present the subject in a fashion comprehensible to both practicing meteorologist’s, and also the weather-neophyte. This material requires no more than an avid interest in CLOUDS, and a grasp of the American language, to acquire much insight into the wonders of our cloud-form
nuturing atmosphere.”
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ISBN: 9781491804339
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