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Lena is a successful Psychologist who just opened her own practice. She is engaged to her college sweetheart, but knows deep down inside that the relationship is toxic. In the blink of an eye her life is turned upside down as she discovers true love, heart ache, and most importantly a deeper relationship with God.
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A Love Like No Other - Roshanda Roberts

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Chapter 1-Non- Committed

Eric it has been two years, when are we going to set a date? I have been with this man too long and I am ready to set this date. Lord knows I deserve it.

Look Lena I know how long it has been and I just don’t want to rush into anything. Two years is not a long time. I just want the timing to be perfect.

How much time do you need Eric? We have been together five years! It’s not fair to me. How long does this man expect me to wait?

To you! It seems like that is all you think about is yourself. I travel way too much and don’t want to start a marriage like this.

Whatever Eric. It is always an excuse; when your money is right, when you pay off bills, blah, blah, blah. I’m tired of your excuses. No matter what, no matter how ready he claims he needs to be, I really do not think he will ever be ready, I’m just too scared to let go.

Lena I don’t have time for this. I was calling to let you know that I will be gone for a few days.

WHAT??? You just got back two days ago and we spent all of two hours together. Why are you going again so soon?

It is a company that I have to try and get signed on with our firm, so I will be meeting with the board. It will be for only four to five days and when I get back we will hang. I promise. It would be so much easier if she would just accept what I say and leave it alone. I am a good catch and she better be happy she got me. Not too many men would stick around after the stunt she pulled on me.

Eric that’s all you ever do is promise, and you never follow through. This man has been promising me for far too long, and I’m starting to think that it’s all it is, is a promise.

You know what Lena that is not fair; everyone does not own their own business like you. So I do not set my own hours. I work for someone Lena and I go with their flow

.......Okay Eric, I’m sorry..... I’m just so frustrated that we do not spend any quality time together. For the past two years you have been too busy for us and it worries me.

Baby you have nothing to worry about. We love each other and will be fine. Baby I have to go now I need to make my flight and hotel arrangements. I will call you when I’m settled.

Wait where are you going to be?

Ummmm Memphis.

Oh okay well I will talk to you later. Love you.

Love you too Lena.

Man it was never like this before. He was so perfect; loving, caring, compassionate, tall, dark, fine, every woman’s dream. But ever since I got saved and stopped having sex he has changed. He says it is still the same and he accepts my lifestyle change and that it is hard, but he loves me enough to deal with it. He says that but he does not show it.

It was the year 2000; I was a freshman in college. He was a sophomore. He was so fine and I wanted him to be mine. All the girls wanted the same thing, so I had to fight to get his attention. He was 6 feet, caramel complexion with big muscles. He was a football star and a sight to see.

Stacey did not care for his ‘I’m the man attitude", so she never dug me going after him. But I wanted number 17 for myself.

Lena ....Lena,


"Girl what are you doing? I have been buzzing you for about 5 minutes. I have Johnson’s contracting and design on the line. He wants to speak with you before he stops by this afternoon.’

Oh I forgot about that.

And actually I am not in the mood. How am I redecorating my office if I can’t even get my life right.

I see; you were all in a trance. I hope you were not thinking about that joke of a fiancé.

One thing I know is I can’t stand Eric and I can’t wait until she get that through her head that she does not need him.

‘Whatever Stacey, just send him through."

"Hello Mr. Johnson, Dr. Williams will speak to you now.

Hello.......... Yes hi Dr. Williams’

Lena is fine, you’re not my patient.

Okay, Lena I was just calling to verify our 1:00pm meeting and to make sure everything is still the same as far as what you are looking for?

Yeph! No changes here.

Okay well I will see you in a little while.

That sounds perfect Mr. Johnson.

Donovan is fine.

Okay Donovan I will see you at 1:00.

Lena, tell me he don’t sound fine.

Girl he sounds like any other man trying to verify that money.

They both laugh but deep down inside Lena know that the sound and tone of his voice was inviting and she wondered if he looked as good as he sounds. If that’s the case this brother has it going on.

"Well if he looks as good as he sound then you may be looking at the next Mrs. Johnson.’

Stacey you need to stop it. Where do you want to go for lunch today?

I can’t really afford.....

I’m treating.

Well in that case we need to do it big.

They laugh. They are really close, just like sisters and have been that way since 8th grade.

How about Vietnamese?

"That sounds good to me; you are always trying to eat around the world.’

"Girl please! I will be ready in about five minutes. Is my 3:00 appointment still coming in today?’

"She did not call in to cancel, but I will call to confirm with her right now.’

Hello Mrs. Thorne this is Stacey from Dr. Williams office calling to confirm your 3:00pm appointment.........Okay perfect we will see you at 3:00............yes............yes that is fine............okay see you then. Lena she’s still coming, are you ready?

One.................more.............second............okay let’s roll.

They drive to this popular Vietnamese restaurant which was about 10 minutes from the office. I first came to this place with Eric. He loves to eat at nice restaurants and always had a taste for different things.

Stacey I am so tired of Eric.

Then why are you still with him?

"It’s been five years and I don’t want to just throw that away.

No we are okay, thank you, can I have the check please?"

I understand that Lee but how much more of your time are you going to allow him to waste? I mean 5 years Lena? That’s too long and you know it.

I know Stacey but I do care for him.

See Lee that’s another thing, you care for him. What kind of mess is that; who cares for the man they are going to spend the rest of their life with. You should be deeply in love with him, knowing that this man is sent by God and that you two will complete each other, but nooooooo you care for him. And you’re supposed to be the Psychologist. Ha!

"Look Lena you know I keep it real and Eric is not it. We have been best friends since the 8th grade and I have never lied to you. I’m telling you that Eric is not it.............but it is your life and I support your decisions.’

I know it doesn’t make sense Stacey, but I have invested so much into this relationship and I don’t want to give up.

Thank you that’s fine.

"Stacey it is 1:00pm we are late. Hurry Stace my contractor is probably already there.

Lena calm down, he most likely not even there yet.

"Stacey we are talking about a man’s money, he’s there!

They both rushed out of the restaurant. Lena could not understand why she was so nervous. I mean he’s just adding an addition to her office. But something Stacey said was so right, this man sound good. Oh well, I am an almost married woman to a man who act like he don’t love me.

Chapter 2-First Encounter

I can’t believe I’m late, it’s all Stacey fault. This man is not going to take me serious. I still don’t understand why I am so nervous.

Hello Mr. Johnson, my name is Stacey I am Dr. Williams administrative assistant; sorry were late. Dr. Williams will see you in a few minutes.

Oh my goodness, this man is beyond fine. Lena is going to have a heart attack because this brother is going to stop her heart. I mean he is finer than fine with his tall muscular self.

"It’s no problem I only got here 15 minutes ago to make sure I wasn’t late.........

Stacey stares around because she doesn’t know what to say, I mean it is the truth we are late, but his straight forwardness was a little unexpected.


I’m just playing, hahahahahahahahhaha

Oh okay, well can I get you anything; water, soda, coffee?

I’m fine thank you for asking Stacey.

You’re welcome Mr. Johnson.

Please call me Donovan.

"One second.......hello?............okay bye. Donovan Dr. Williams is ready to see you now.

They walk to Lena’s office. This man looks just as good from behind as he does in front. I need some water and to ask for forgiveness because I don’t think I should be smiling this much.

Lena this is Donovan from Johnson’s construction and Interior Design.

Hello Lena

Fine does not describe this gorgeous man. Skin so smooth, built like a stallion. Tall; I mean this man is a dream and I don’t want to wake up; but I have to because I’m with Eric he’s my worst nightmare.

Hello Donovan. I’m so sorry I was late, I lost track

"Don’t worry about it. Stacey already apologized. So Dr. Williams; I’m impressed; smart, independent and beautiful.

If this man don’t stop it. We are not here for this. He is here to add onto my office not my heart. So he can stop with the compliments.

Thank you, so is this a family owned business?

Well if you count me starting this company then yes, it is family owned.

Wow, now that’s impressive. Who does the interior decorating?

That would be me as well.

WHAT? No offense but WHAT?

I know, I know, that is most women reaction, and after they see my work it’s still the same what, but with screams, tears, jumps and everything in between.

So what you are saying is that you’re good and I got the best.

I don’t want to sound boastful but I am really good. I’m good with my hands, but most importantly I listen with my heart and ears. I watch and listen. Like you for instance; the colors of your office let me know that you love the beach. The calm blues, the sandy browns; you love the peace and tranquility the beach brings.............am I right?


‘And I know my reason for going to the beach is to meditate on the word of God and hear his voice. The beach shows God’s awesome power; how about you?"

Where did he come from he gets me completely. I’m actually speechless. This guy is for lack of a better term; the business.

That is exactly the reason I go there, and that is why I had my office decorated this way so I can feel the same joy I do all day while I’m at my office.

So I take it that you are a woman of God.

And I can only guess that you too are a man of God.

"Oh yes after his heart. So like I was saying, I observe, I listen, I feel what my clients need by what they say and I provide that.

You just described the perfect husband.

I will be once I find my wife.

Single, fine, saved, successful; where were you five years ago. I only wish Eric was like this.

What about you Lena, does Mr. Williams have anything to say about how your expansion goes?

Well there is no Mr. Williams, but I’m kind of in a relationship.

Oh okay then that means no Mr. and still available.

By kind of I mean engaged.

Wow I never heard a woman say she’s kind of engaged. You either are or you aren’t, and for there to be uncertainty in the status of where you are, that means that brother aint handling his business.

"I appreciate your input Donavan but can we get back to my expansions?

Oh I’m sorry; I just hate to see a beautiful, successful, ready woman not being handled with care and grace.

I appreciate it, but trust me I’m fine.

Yes that you are, but like you said I have a job to do.

Okay Lena I looked over everything. I will draft up a plan, timeline, and cost for you. I can stop by tomorrow to go over it with you. After that we can start talking about the décor you want for your new suite.

Okay that’s perfect. You can schedule a time with my secretary for tomorrow.

Here’s my card with my cell on it in case there are any last minute changes.

I really appreciate your time Mr. Johnson..........

Please call me Donovan.

I’m sorry, I forgot.....thank you Donovan; it was a pleasure meeting you.

No Lena the pleasure was all mine.

Well thank you, I will see you tomorrow, and don’t forget to schedule it with my secretary.

"I will; you take care, and don’t forget to tell your fiancé he’s tripping cuz I would marry you in a heartbeat....................Goodbye Lena." He licks his lips

Later that night....Is he serious, he just met me, he don’t know what I’m like. I mean there was this unexplainable chemistry and I can’t stop thinking about him, but he’s crazy, I’m engaged and...........he’s just tripping. I’m starving, I might as well make something to eat and then go workout.

Just then the phone rings

Oooh maybe its Eric...........Hello?...........Speaking............Oh Donovan.....hi.........no I’m not busy is there something wrong?

Yes there is!

Chapter 3...Unexplainable Chemistry!

There is? Are my ideas not possible?

"Oh no Lena nothing like that, and I’m sorry if I’m out of line, but you have been on