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Where is Love Found?
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I was always told poems are feelings that are deep in your heart. I did quite a bit of that. Thoughts I may have had on a certain day. Things that may have went through my mind. The good and bad things in life. Don’t lose hope, keep on keeping on. God has a plan for your life, for my life, for everyone—big and small. Have we reached our full potential in this life? Are we doing what we were meant to do? Are we living our life in full joy, or are we just living? Thoughts for all us living, breathing humans. I also pieced together random, out-of-the-blue poems. I remember hearing songs I liked and thinking I am going to write a poem similar to that. My poetry started about three years ago, when I started sending poems out to different websites and they would put together books of lots of different amateur poets. From there, it took off. I started to really enjoy the artwork of piecing words and sentences together. Lots of my work is about peace, love, and harmony. My final thought: live much, laugh often, love lots.
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