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Congratulations! By reading THREE WISHES, you will be taking the first step towards a more rewarding life—the life you deserve! You will change the very matrix of your being.

Concealed in this book is the greatest discovery of our time. You will discover how to alter your existence by simply changing your mind. This book offers simple yet powerful techniques for attracting the things you desire. This practical, easy-to-understand guide will help you quickly turn your dreams into reality.

THREE WISHES is a compilation of some of the greatest self-help concepts ever devised. Its ultimate goal is your success. Through the pages of this book, you will learn how to control your thoughts using time-tested principles so powerful that your life will become a magnet for attracting whatever your heart desires, such as the ideal relationship, optimal health, success in business, wealth beyond your wildest dreams, and so much more.

Test the power of THREE WISHES in your life. You will discover that this simple book will exceed even your greatest expectations. The principles herein have led millions toward happier and more fulfilled lives. Now it’s your turn to put these principles to the test and discover that “ALL YOU DESIRE IS WITHIN.”
Published: DeCarlo Eskridge on
ISBN: 9780977392322
List price: $7.95
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