There exists today a secret document known as “The Zacchaeus Project” which for many centuries has been made known to only a select few, “The Enlightened”. The tenets of this secret document have been passed down through the centuries, primarily by word of mouth.

You are about to embark on a journey that will radically transform your life. This transformation will not take place in years, months, weeks, or even days; life change will begin almost immediately after you begin to read this miraculous book. It requires only a few minutes a day, over a period of forty days. By dedicating a few minutes each day, you will reap the rewards of a lifetime of abundance, guaranteed.

In writing this book I made every effort to keep it simple, so that even a child could understand it. The strategy of action laid out in this book was deduced from the conclusions of time-tested principles. The principles found herein have been thoroughly investigated and bear the supreme test of practical experimentation; in other words, they work! If you wish to reap the fruits of the following principles in actual practice, read this book and do exactly what it tells you to do.

This book is practical, not philosophical or even theological. The goal of this book is threefold; to evangelize the rich, equip the poor, and to enrich the world. It is intended for people whose most pressing need is for Enlightened Wealth who desire to succeed first, and theorize later.
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