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Loretta Lynn Davis grows up in Madison, Tennessee, a town known only for the fact that its Main Street divides Tennessee from Virginia. Rejected by her daddy from the day she was born, she never outgrows her craving for true love. On a summer day when they were both five, Loretta meets Crystal Brown—and so begins a lifelong friendship that both women cherish, even though Loretta knew she can never measure up to her friend.

As an adult, Loretta finds herself trapped by circumstances in a contrived marriage that only makes her want true love even more. The constant yearning takes its toll on her, and she does her best to hide her growing depression. She might be able to hide the truth from the world, but not from Crystal. Together, the women do their best to help each other in dark times.

Crystal is concerned that the secret Loretta has protected for eighteen years may be her undoing. Crystal does her best to warn her friend, but in the end there may be nothing she can do to protect her oldest friend from the fallout. Even as an adult, Loretta’s little brother Buddy—the apple of their daddy’s eye—is not about to stop exploiting and abusing his sister.

Loretta’s family drags her into a collision with her past, and no one will emerge unscathed. In the face of discovery, Loretta wonders if it’s all worth it—but she must find the faith to accept the power of true love over death.

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