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About a young girl, who grew up in Virginia, and went to Georgia, at sixteen, and finished school, college, and the art institute. She became an artist, and married. She went to Montana, to paint, and her husband, Morgan, to make a movie. He was an actor. She met a young Indian Chief and they became involved. Her husband supposedly died under mysterious circumstances. Before that a young girl had died, and they blamed the wolves. She later marries Red and then her husband, Morgan shows up and she goes back with him. Th ey decided Red was behind it all. But in the meantime, she and Red had a son. Morgan has to go back on location, with Mr. Scarce and Morgan has a heart attack and really dies this time. Ann finds herself alone, until one night there was a knock on her door, and Red was there. Red was blamed for all the trouble that had gone on. He swore to Ann that he’d had nothing to do with it. She takes him back because his tribe is in trouble. She goes back with him and helps them to get out of their trouble. The FBI could not fi nd any proof that Red had anything to do with any of the trouble.

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ISBN: 9781475995312
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