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"My Mind" is about a young girl whose life was tormented by bullies as she grew up. She fought with depression, fear, loneliness and abuse. She had to change her life. Then she was given the chance to travel to Australia, where she became a confident young lady. Then she finds love. She writes how she sees things and how sometimes it looks like it doesn't make sense... It makes you think about the meaning behind the words.
Every poem will have meaning to the reader that stirs a memory in their lives.

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As I walk along the street
I see others walk by
I try to think how they would see me
Through their eyes
I'd imagine I was them
Passing me by
To wonder what they were thinking
Would they notice me?
If I shouted at the top of my lungs
As loud as I possibly could
Would they stop and stare?
I don't want to be noticed
By passers by
If I have to shout and scream to be seen
As I walk along the street
I smile and walk on by.
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