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Jonathan Reilly, who works as a trader for an investment bank, faces a moral dilemma when he is confronted with a money-laundering scheme that involves a drug traffic operated under the cover of a Greek restaurant. After struggling with his own doubts and fears, he decides to denounce the case to the FBI. But the plan fails as the incriminated mobster sends his henchmen after him.Professor W, a specialist in black magic, offers Reilly to save his life and in exchange asks him to kill the mobster. In order to ensure that Reilly will comply with his task, Professor W appoints three of his acolytes who possess supernatural powers and will follow Reilly’s every step.In this thriller, Nic Di Carlo builds a story that mixes financial wrongdoings with supernatural elements in a black humour tone. In this universe where the boundary between reality as we know it and the outer-world seems to vanish, the reader gets a glimpse into the financial dirty businesses and, more importantly, the metaphysical realms. He even offers an answer to Lewis Carroll Hatter’s riddle.
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ISBN: 1483503887
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