An American Halloween Story
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Yore Town, a small hamlet nestled in the English American colonies, was a quiet place, filled with gentle and kind people. The little colony had been built near the heart of a great woodland region. Deep in the shadows of the woods was a location of many strange occurrences. In this forest lay a circle field, which was legend as a gateway of the devil.

One day, the devil traveled to Yore Town, and while he was there, he was enchanted by the innocent charms of a young woman. This opposite attraction fulfilled a prophecy he had that he would one day wed living innocence, and in so doing, eliminate the living and rule the world. The devil then devised a plan with his minions to capture the girl on the night of All Hallows’ Eve—the night when the spirit world is most potent—and bring her to the circle field, where he intended to see the prophecy through. His plan was set in motion at midnight, the bewitching hour on that fateful night. The devil sent three beasts under his spell to the village to hopefully capture his bride-to-be. This set into motion a chain of events that turned the colonists’ world upside down. A heroic band of ten men went to rescue the young lady, traveling into the western woods, a region that up to that night they would have never ventured. There they encountered a whole host of ghosts, werewolves, a witch, the devil and other strange specter's.

An American Halloween Story, classic in the telling, legendary in discourse, shows how the will of good and right must prevail over wanton evil and the fear of the dark unknown. The story is well crafted and defiantly suited for the spirit of the Halloween holiday.

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