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Amaya once believed her life was perfect. She had everything she ever wanted; a secure home, a loving, yet overprotective family, and her beloved Thomas. Soon the ideal life shatters when her father, Vincent, takes away the only person who ever truly mattered in her life. Her father’s actions create a crushing force of emotional and mental turmoil for Amaya, as she suddenly finds herself staring at a future without the man she loves.

In her pain, Amaya flees the confines of her life to another land with only one possible solution in her mind. But as death falls upon her, fate steps in for a purpose, and sets off a series of events that send Amaya’s life careening on a new, dangerous course. Gone are the carefree days, as she soon learns that her life is on the line from the people she once held dearest to her heart.

Thomas needs Amaya as much as she needs him. Driven by his desire he turned to Amaya’s father for help, knowing that by doing so it would change the course of his existence and, most of all, crush the bond of ‘forever’ that he wanted desperately with the girl he loved. What Thomas doesn’t know is how much his strength is needed in order to protect Amaya from the pure evil that lurks around every corner just waiting to destroy her.

As unexplained events begin to unfold, questions arise that scare Amaya to her very core. Was the love of her family keeping her safe, or was there a truly sinister reason for her survival all this time? Battle for Love, the first in a thrilling series, is a story of love, devotion and how, in the depths of despair, one can find the truth if they’re willing to pay the ultimate price.
Published: Booktango on
ISBN: 9781468907698
List price: $2.99
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