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Carter Phillips sees himself as a calm leader, even if this superiority exists only in his own mind. After the evangelical preacher’s son and his partners-in-crime, Kyle Renstine and Jim Redhorse, steal a city councilman’s Jeep, the three rebels find twenty thousand dollars stuffed beneath the seat—a discovery that leads them straight to Jake Starr, an influential drug dealer whose paranoia has driven him to live in a fortress guarded by pit bulls. But when the drug deal goes bad, all four men are shot, and Carter suddenly finds himself handcuffed, arrested, and asking God for mercy.

Now living inside a tiny cell while awaiting his trial, Carter is visited by the chaplain, who gently encourages him to face guilt from his past, his desire for vengeance, and his surrender to hopelessness. Although it seems hypocritical to pursue a relationship with Jesus now that his life seems over, Carter accepts Christ into his heart. But despite his spiritual rebirth, life continues to be a struggle for Carter as Jake Starr plots his revenge against Carter and his friends.

In this suspenseful tale filled with true life events, Carter soon discovers that no one is safe from the evil intentions of a powerful figure in the drug world. Now Carter must rely on his spirituality to battle the many dangers that lurk in the shadows and threaten his walk of faith.

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ISBN: 9781462713004
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