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Candidreams presents a collection of poems chronicling author Candie Ferald’s faith and determination not to allow negative circumstances to define her. Though raised in the church, Ferald feels God’s unconditional love has somehow bypassed her. Angered by some of the situations of her young life—including death, painful relationships, and parental issues—she discovers how to escape herself through sex and drugs. She soon finds herself on the edge of self-destruction, and in this state she promises her dying grandfather that she will reclaim her life.

As she begins that process, Ferald is extremely candid in retelling both the hopeful and tragic events of her journey. We have all had daunting experiences that have challenged our faith and dreams, and we all possess the tools to rise from these traumatic situations. Candidreams offers an inspiring, yet sometimes emotionally difficult collection of poems that follows Candie Ferald as she returns to her former self—or perhaps an even better one.

Do you know how it feels
to want something so bad
that not having it
makes you depressed and sad?
Unfulfilled desires and ignored needs,
craving so much you can’t even see.
What happens to those
whose dreams never fly?
Does all that’s real
and sincere in them die?
—from “The Beginning of Darkness”
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