From the Publisher

My name is Clayton Morrill. I have always enjoyed working different types of puzzle books.

It seems that every store that I visited had puzzle books such as WORD SEARCH, or CROSSWORD puzzles. But I could not find a MAZE book anywhere.

So I asked myself, self, How can I start a book of mazes?

So approximately 6 years ago I sat down and started to work on mazes. I came up with what is now, MAZES FOR THE BEGINNER.

My next step was to try and find a market for this book.

I made about 20 copies, "what a job that was", and took them out and picked out 20 families that had kids, and asked them to look at and work the puzzles and asked them to let me know how they felt about the book and if they would buy such a book if it was available in stores.

Their responses were overwhelmingly positive.

So I started looking for a publisher, which turned out to be not so good. Until I found this publisher, Authorhouse, who liked the book and took the book to publish.

So here we are. A book of mazes, hopefully just one of many.

Thank you authorhouse for your gracious help and your belief in me.

Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781463494698
List price: $9.99
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