Topics in Arithmetic
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With implicit emphasis on logic and reason, and supported by ample examples and illustrations, Topics in Arithmetic provides simple, clear instruction on the fundamental math needed for success in learning arithmetic. In six stand-alone studies, it augments standard classroom textbooks with engaging, enriching explanations of facets of math troubling to students.

Following coverage of deductive logic and the development of numbers, and their expression as numerals, it explains the properties and rules of basic operations in arithmetic, and their use in forming algorithms. Beyond numerals, it illustrates extended arithmetic operations on fractions; and, with tabular examples, it clarifies the puzzling operations of raising powers, and calculating roots, with zero, negative and fractional exponents.

Topics in Arithmetic presents technically challenging, essential features of arithmetic in simple terms from engaging perspectives. Students from middle school through college entry, their parents and math teachers will find the material in this book engrossing and enriching.

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