Destroyer Squadron 12 in the Solomon's Campaign
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The book ,"Destroyer Squadron 12 in the Solomon's Campaign; The Tip of the Lance" consists of a condensed version of the military actions in this 18 months campaign. It was one of the biggest, bloodiest most merciless of all military campaigns. Naval fights erupted repeatedly, at night, off Guadalcanal Islands for months. The bottom of Iron Bottom Sound became littered with sunken ships and the bodies of individuals from both sides. It was a brutal soul searing experience for the unfortunate individuals who endured that brutal eighteen months of Pure Hell!

This all out fight to the finish was fought on the Sea, in the Air, and in the Jungles. Men died on both sides in horrendous numbers. On the American side the Cause of Freedom swayed in the balance for the longest time.

This book was written to let any interested reader know of the dedication to duty; the outright heroism; and the uncommon valor shown by boys just out of high school, who fought a fanatical foe and won out to Victory.

This Nation can take pride that it could produce such brave young men, who loved the Cause of Freedom More than Life Itself. Many of them lost their lives in defense of that Cause. May they rest in peace.

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