“Moving On The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary” is one man’s poetic journey through the emotionally chaotic trials linked inextricably to a “so-called” paradise--paradoxically filled with tempestuous social worlds. Embedded upon the path of a central visionary theme, while navigating beyond volatile issues and their damaging potential, is a major, daunting task: To salvage, maintain and still fully realize the joys that fuel the richness found within struggling life and a challenged love.

A gifted writer and artist with an impassioned background as an educator, Fundi utilizes multifaceted dynamics to illuminate key aspects of often neglected, misunderstood human experiences. Fundi’s fine illustrations also give magical accentuation to a compelling text. The vibrant stage of African-American culture, a freshly embraced Buddhist philosophy and overdue painful acknowledgement of an “inherent” homoerotic nature fuels a topical crossroads that has the means to be truly explosive.

Yet, it is here that the perspective of this author’s visual eye demonstrates an ability to make its "word magic" dance across the page. Fundi does have the uncanny ability to harness what could be considered discomforting truths within the currents of palpable streams that yield a compelling and lyrical flow.

And at times the reader may just kick-back and enjoy a soulful serenade of various people, places and things.

When exploring this book’s contents readers will undoubtedly discern the revelation given by one man’s alternative perspective on the healthy uncelebrated possibilities residing in the potentials of "caring men." Sounded is a resounding call for men themselves to further the task of pushing expanded improvement across the spectrum of a stagnant but definitive “men’s” community.

Whatever the background, gender or social persuasion, one thing is for sure: A hardy stash containing unexpected jewels awaits a lofty traveler after captured unequivocally “Moving On The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary.”

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