Blood Money
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Blood Money is an epic tale about a world unknown to most, but respected by all.
No one is safe and no position is secure in the realm of big business, and no one
knows that better than crime boss Gene Costa. But his status atop the criminal
food chain becomes quite unstable when a devastating act of violence rocks
Washington DC. Six police offi cers are brutally murdered, and all fi ngers point to
the boss of one of the largest criminal organizations in New York. Gene’s political
connections demand immediate retribution for the slain offi cers, no excuses. But
upon further investigation Gene soon realizes that the culprit is none other than
the brother of his new business partner, Tremond Jones.
Gene quickly calls a meeting with a select group of investors who all fear that
this chain of events will negatively affect the completion of the multi-billion
dollar deal they were currently negotiating. Something had to be done about
the Jones brothers.
Unfortunately, at that meeting, all of the men were killed in an explosion. And
in an unprecedented move several other well-connected crews unite with Alex,
Gene’s eldest son and newly crowned don to kill Tremond Jones and destroy
his illustrious business for good, igniting the prelude to the largest scale war in
organized crime history.
Street soldiers, offi cers bent on revenge, prison shot callers and even politicians
take their sides in this monumental battle for control of the streets
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