Crime and Family centers on the life of Dominic Amicucci. Growing up without a mother, he wanted nothing more than the approval of his father. In time, young Dominic grew to understand his father’s approval would only come by his involvement in the family business: crime. Dominic’s father’s star would rise all the way to the top, a position that would earn him a twenty year sentence, leaving Dominic to run his father’s crime family. Wanting the job or not, qualified or not, Dominic Amicucci became the youngest boss in the crime family’s eighty year existence.

Before becoming boss, Dominic’s father searched for new avenues of revenue as the government imprisoned the entire hierarchy. He found Doug Sullivan and his non-Italian congeries of killers, drug dealers, and bookmakers that would become known as the Westside. Dominic and Doug became best friends, and after Dominic’s father’s imprisonment, they would be the ones to keep the Amicucci family in power, by any means necessary.

From inside prison walls to the streets of Europe and the Middle East, Crime and Family will take readers through the daily activities of the crime family and their relationships to other criminal enterprises across the globe while trying to raise their children to be so much different from themselves.
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