When Love Turns Into A Felony
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It's about how I allowed one man to take away my dreams and hopes for the future. Was I naive, for standing there, allowing this man to take control of my life , as if I knew nothing because he was 13 years my senior. Why did it take me going back; to realize the reason I left in the first place? Here I was sitting face to face with the devil, laughing and talking admiring his conversation as he looked me from head to toe, as if he was making plans for our future, but not knowing that this is where my life would begin to change forever. The first two years were glorious and I couldn't ask for more, but somewhere along the road I became trapped in a dark, deep hole trying to climb out, but each time I climbed to the top no one was there to pull me on up. Was it the guilt from the past that allowed me to let him choose my friends? Tell me how to dress or how to wear my make up. Where I can and cannot go. Yes I let go of my happiness to keep him happy, feeling uglier as each day went from light to dark, begging to be returned to the secure world I once knew, instead of the insecure world I wasn't familiar with. Remember...Sometimes where we want to be...Is not where we need to be...

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