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The goal of life is happiness. Your life is nothing more than a Learn-Think-Act correlated cycle. How to think and behave properly?

When people say, in frustration, "I don’t know what or how to do." They are usually buried and confused by enormous models.

Is there a universal model to incorporate energy, structure, decisions, control, and happy prospects with consciousness without missing links?

Way model is a universal model follows forever-standing natural laws and is the origin - ‘one for all and all of one’ - of Survival, Control and Reproduction as well as Science, Culture and Religion.

Connecting all missing links - reasons and results - including the one you even don’t aware of. WAY enable you to convey your collective life easily by converting complications and complexities into a few simple key words.

WAY advance control and confidence, direct your decision to set proper degree of expectations and satisfactions of all two ends relativities – ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’.

WAY define happiness no one has done before. To find answers to anything that life can throw at you, WAY rejoin crucial questions of educating you and your children toward success and happiness, without much of a challenge!

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