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Wishing Star Incorporated is in
the business of making dreams come true, and Ben is the head of
operations.  His job is to grant the
wishes of individuals who believe in the legitimacy of supernatural phenomenon;
leprechauns, fountains of eternal youth and beauty, magical lamps with genies
inside...or a Wishing Star. 

During his ten year tenure, Ben
has found that it takes a special kind of person to buy into such a fantastic
concept...mainly a power hungry, greed consumed, unscrupulous kind of
person...which makes collecting payment for services rendered all the more

While Ben doesn’t charge anything
to grant a client’s wishes, his interpretation of the wish is rarely what his
customers expect, and Ben’s employer has a non-negotiable policy regarding the
reversal of granted wishes.  The only way
to reverse a wish and do away with any undesirable effects stemming from it is
contract annulment...a gentle way of phrasing, “forfeiture of one’s eternal soul
to the owner of Wishing Star Incorporated.”

And Ben’s boss isn’t a guy anyone
would want in control of their destiny post-mortem.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  He goes by the name of Bub, and aside from
being the sole shareholder in Wishing Star Incorporated, he also rules supreme
in the bowls of hell.

Unwittingly duped out of his own
soul a decade ago, Ben made a deal with Bub in order to regain it.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  In return for procuring the souls of fifty
other unfortunates, Ben would regain the opportunity to circumvent an afterlife
of brimstone and hellfire.  However, upon
reaching number forty-nine, Ben now has doubt that the means justify the
end.  Even with the questions of
conscience, Ben is eager to complete his fiftieth assignment...if for no other
reason than to escape constant contact with his nauseatingly amiable employer,

Not looking forward to Ben’s
retirement, Bub has decided to try and coerce Ben into staying on the Wishing
Star team for another fifty souls. 
Knowing that Ben will assuredly turn down a straightforward offer, Bub
decides to make the possibility of Ben fulfilling his contractual obligations
highly unlikely by tossing a barracuda in the bath water.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>   That barracuda’s name
being Randy Salyers; the apathetic by-product of consumer driven society.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  A young man with nothing to
loose and no interest in gains.

Ben’s problems don’t begin and
end with Randy, a customer uninterested in his wares.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  There’s also the fact that Randy Salyers
ex-wife is Bub’s new mistress and she thinks Bub hired Ben to kill Randy.style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  This might not be a problem in Chicago
or New York City, but Ben is now in
Circleville, Ohio...and
news travels fast in a rural Ohio
farm town.  If Ben can keep a colorful
cast of yokels from sticking their noses, as well as other body parts, in his
business there might j

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