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Red Star Rising is the story of two former enemies bonding to avoid black clouds of war gathering over the troubled Baltic Sea republics after Soviet Unions demise. Moscow and Washington hatch a bizarre plot to save Boris Yeltsin’s crumbling hold on the Russian government.

Right from the start murderous rips appear in their planning. Distrust and treachery crowd the rules of engagement as CIA and Nato intelligence agents, assisted by the American and Russian navies, enter into Estonia’s explosive naval port at Knaleski. Their intention was to show support for Yeltin’s government. What happened was another matter bloodied by terrorists and mutinous fractions within the Russian military.

Nato agent Kathleen Wilkins is forced onto situations where old prejudices poisoning the two navies threaten the covert operation. She struggles against an impossible timetable that was doomed from the start. Amidst the flames of revolt and the spilling blood of fighting men and women, Moscow and Washington learn their political friendship is too shaky to survive.

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