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Todd stood on the bank of the Rio Grande River. He looked out into the darkness; everything was quiet now. The trees along the river bank stood still as if at rest. There was no wind to bend them or shake their leaves. The river was calm, the stars decorated the sky, twinkling like a billion crystals across the heavens. The light from the moon shone so brightly he could see the fishes in the water. In a couple of days this would be gone; his mother told him they were moving to the United States. This meant no more hanging out at the river with his friends, no more careless afternoons of lying on his raft looking up in the sky and thinking about nothing. What about Natasha Barrett, the girl he just met? Could all his adventures really be over? There was no way he would leave her behind; no way would he leave the island’s beauty behind. He must find some way to change his mother’s mind…but how?

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ISBN: 9781468522730
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