Chocolate Ain't Always Sweet
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Handsome, Mr. Ervin Cecil McNair, owner of Software Plus, a computer software company located in Santa Monica, California couldn’t resist the luscious, dark chocolate, Sarah Prescott, an employee, who he inadvertently encountered at a company’s party.

In spite of the fact, that Mr. McNair was a married man with children, he had always been a womanizer. But, this one-night affair, gave him more than he bargained for. Not only was this his first time having sex with a black woman, but this one night changed his life forever.

Twenty-three year old Sarah Prescott had fled from Missouri to Los Angeles to get away from an abusive relationship and start life anew. She moved in with her only living relative, Auntie Etta, who she didn’t know very well. Sarah’s life seemed to have taken on new meaning until that dreadful evening after she left work.

In this fictional story you will see how two people paths crossed and how one night complicated matters to the point of death.

Chocolate Ain’t Always Sweet is about life: sex, lies, family, secrets, murder and regrets.

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