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The Marvelous Nature Alphabet Book is a unique work that serves multiple purposes. The design allows the pre-K reader the chance to view beautiful nature art and to learn the alphabet. Art and language pair as tools to aid the young reader to learn vocabulary, alphabet, sentences, and concepts like animals, landscapes and natural world of forests and islands. The delightful lively illustrations captivate the reader to search for details like flowers and clouds.

The book features original illustrations with simple sentences to explain the images. Short sentences and ideas in English teach the reader to pronounce key words that link to ideas like "D is for dolphin" with beautiful illustrations. Readers identify the picture and learn the words while looking at the details in the works.

The details in the art add conceptual thoughts and generate conversations for individual as well as group learning. Young readers explore settings, animals, landscapes and more through a medley of art, language and inspiration. The book celebrates literacy!

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ISBN: 9781467834162
List price: $3.99
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