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The book is about my life and how I ended up settling in the United Kingdom. The book talks about why I came to do my MSc at UEA, Norwich, how I went back to Zambia and then came back to the UK to do my PhD.

The book also talks about how I got lost in Leeds and a family mistook me for a burglar. I had gotten lost and I had no idea where my lodgings for that night where. When the police came they discovered it was a misunderstanding and they gave me a lift back to my lodgings for the night. It happened on my way to Zambia.

The book also talks about how my friends and I were falsely arrested in a pub in Norwich because one of my friends was wearing a very expensive watch. The bar man had called the police because three days earlier there had been a jewellery robbery in Great Yourmouth near Norwich. He assumed we were the robbers.

The book also talks about my week in Edmonton, Canada. I had gone there to attend a conference as part of my Phd course. I enjoyed myself there.

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