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This is the story about the evolution of our solar system and the first and only one to explain all the phenomena including the process of creation of the DNA molecule. This description is the point of view someone who is not involved in the discipline like of astronomy,but only nuclear physics, You won't find in this book great names of astronomers because I simply don’t know them. I took on this problem as a challenge,a task of physics like thousands of exercises done by me before doing tests. I’m used to the language of text books from disciplines like mathematics and physics. Some parts of this book don't make easy reading but descriptions about the phenomena can be really quiet interesting. Nothing has ever been written down about the explosion of the supernova star, You can find it only here in this book. Every page and every sentence in this book is new and never published before. Some my ideas will be hard to accept because they are so different, the world of the Nuclear Physics is different from the real world, isn’t it?

I didn’t want to make this book unreadable so I kept the scientific descreptions as short as possible. This is a very brave theory but the only one which is explains all the phenomena of the solar system and stands strictly in accordance with the rules of science.

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