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From the Publisher

This book was put together from a catalogue of poems and it was not an easy task selecting the right ones, having done so, the writer has managed to include something for everyone, from both religious and non-religious backgrounds.

Please note, most of the manuscripts written in this book are early works of ‘The Lion Queen‘, and are within a proximity of twenty to twenty-five years old.

The idea of putting a book out is not new. The writer has attempted to publish her work from the mid-eighties, and between 1995-1996 sent some of her poems to various publishers but was unfortunate not to have any of her work published. Having said that the writer has under no circumstances given authorisation to any other party to use or publish her work except for the current publisher.

The “Impressions/Expressions of The Lion Queen” is a catalogue of experiences put together and designed through observation and by sheer creativity. This is a book of word, sound and power and is a must in every household, irrespective to your race colour, class or creed.

If the author has touched but one soul then her job has been done, and having said that, it is clear that The Lion Queen would like to reach out to as many people as possible.

Thank you all for your support.
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