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Yes, it is poetry about love, but more than that it is about illusions. If you hope for something that you know is hardly going to happen – does that make you naïve or optimistic? Where can imagination lead you to? Can it spread your wings that highly that you never want to step on Earth again?

The projections of your inner world rely on you to believe in them. Only then everything is possible. Only then all the mistakes you have made don't matter and love can rise you up, hope can save you and you can be free.

I believe dreams come true and I believe it is worth loving without any conditions. But somewhere on the way, you can let yourself go through different kinds of emotions to get to where you want to be.

It is about the journey, not the destination. So enjoy and experience fully every second lived in your imagination – it will manifest into your reality one day.

"Shapes of broken thoughts

invisibly hollow my night.

I can't get my mind focused,

I am looking for you around

although I only see shadows of mine.

I almost stepped on the Sun,

it is down on the ground.

I pick it up, my hands don't burn.

I let it free, shine and lead me home.”

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