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The Biblical Link to Addictions stands in contrast to contemporary belief that addiction is a disease in need of treatment. This book demonstrates how addicted individuals are actually in a relationship with the deceptive influence of an addictive chemical. These individuals openly display ‘Adam and Eve’-like character traits, in that they make right sound wrong, wrong sound right, hide from the truth, fail to face up to personal responsibility for wrongs committed, blame someone else and eventually try to cry ‘the devil made me do it’. Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said, ‘the best way to understand man is to study God’. Colin Garnett has sensitively combined 15 years of destructive heroin addiction with 15 years of working with addicts and four years of Theological study at Moorlands Bible College in Dorset, England, to formulate the information in this book in order to help remove the majority of excuses and alibis that addicts use to stay sick. Reading this book will leave many suffering individuals and their families no option but to sense that there is hope and that there is a solution and to seek God in their pilgrimage of decay.
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