An Astrological Insight
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What if you knew that at birth you were given a guiding life map that was designed for you only, and you knew that the map was an exact reflection of the stars and their positions at the very moment of your birth?
Each life map—astrology star chart—can be read and interpreted in many ways. Each sun, moon, planet, and astrological sign symbolically reflects a perfect order and plan for each individual. This book focuses on the premise that each life chart map is meant for good and meant to be interpreted as a personal beneficial guiding light.
It is author Kay Andrews’s belief that each life is programmed for positive growth; that each soul incarnates with an intent and plan to develop and express his or her innate goodness, no matter how difficult or challenging life’s lessons; and that each individual soul is filled with an inherent abundance of love and a guiding spirit light leading to self-understanding and personal life fulfilling purpose.

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