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Sandigras Canyon
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Wes Tobin the man people call the El Paso Gunfighter has just won the vast Sandigras Canyon Ranch in southern Arizona in a poker game in the White Elephant Saloon of Fort Worth, Texas. Heading west with his childhood friend Pole Nichols the two stopped by the huge Crown Ranch of Abilene too pick up Monte Belton and his wife, a cousin who Tobin has not seen since the war between the states. Not exactly on good terms with his cousin, Tobin needs Monte’s help too run the ranch as he and Pole are gunmen, not ranchers or farmers. The Sandigras Ranch has been abandoned and neglected for many years leaving the ranch to be used by outlaws, rustlers, and other ranchers for it’s fine pasture land. Jonas Webb the man Tobin won the ranch from predicts the Sandigras will become a great ranch if Tobin is man enough to hold it. The wildness of the Arizona Canyons hold many obstacles for Tobin and his friends too overcome. Apaches, hired gunmen, rustlers and unfriendly neighbors are just a few. Ride with Wes Tobin and Pole Nichols in their bid to become ranchers in the Arizona Canyons. Adventure, romance and action ride with the El Paso gunman.

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