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I'm Bert Babero. I'm, what you might call, an observer of people. This is the audio-video version of my book, "Attitudes;" a collection of poetic essays intended to address the question: What makes people tick? It deals with Attitudes, some of which are mine, and some of which are not. The book is not intended to express a solitary theme or to promote a singular message. Rather, you should find it relatively eclectic. . , as, perhaps, am I. After all, I'm a Muslim, by religion, African, by ethnicity, and American, by citizenship- having been raised in Africa, Arabia, and the USA. I'm an advocate of Affirmative Action and stem-cell research, reparations for racial injustice and Palestinian sovereignty; trained as a lawyer and a boxer. I embrace the Republican party and the Nation of Islam, have joined the NAACP and the National Rifle Association; enjoy Andrea Boucelli, hate Ebonics, love boating and, am indifferent to basketball. In other words, if it's stereotypes you're looking for, look elsewhere.

Now, poetry, I concede, is not for everyone. . . neither, in fact, is literature period, come to think of it. But for those of us, who appreciate art in language, poetry rocks. Of course, there is another possibility; you may like poetry. . , just not my poetry. And, that's OK, because if my style is not the same as yours, don't worry, that makes us even; but, if it is the same, take heart. . , that makes you exceptional.

So, laugh, if you will; think, if you can; or cry, if you must. Just sit back, relax, appreciate and, hopefully. . , enjoy.

Best Wishes,

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