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Ninguna Religión: Como cuidar tu vida interior

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This book will help you find those revolutionary concepts from the gospels that will really shake you out of your routines and transform your relationship with the Creator.The abundant life offered by Jesus is much more than a list of do's and don'ts. It is an exciting reality full of freshness and adventures that can only be enjoy by those who do not yield to mere religiosity. It is interesting to notice that the most heated confrontations of Jesus were not those involving the most corrupt sinners of his era, but rather with the pastors and religious leaders of that time. Mere religion tends to make us lose focus and gives us a distorted view of the image of God, of others, and of ourselves. In many of our Christian concepts and practices we make the mistake of thinking that God said something that in reality He never said. This is how we become estranged from the essence of Jesus' original purpose. Daily expressions of our faith may become infected by a chilliness that derives from having limited ourselves to obeying a set of rules, regardless of how good and Christian these might be.

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