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Opposite Day: Upside-Down Questions to Keep Students Talking and Listening

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If you’ve ever had trouble getting your students to open up about things they are feeling or thinking, try doing the opposite of what you typically do… In Opposite Day, you’ll find more than 600 prompts that will get your students talking about things that matter to them without really saying it. Each prompt will trigger a thought or emotion for your students, and you’ll encourage them to share the opposite of what came to mind first. Confused? Give it a try. Imagine you’re a student, and in a sentence or two, tell the opposite of how you feel about: • Geometry • Instant Messaging • Allowance • Dodgeball • Responsibility • Parents Maybe your first thought about geometry was that you failed it and never could understand what a parallelogram was. You may say, “I excel at geometry and find the parallelogram to be one of the most fascinating yet simple concepts in my class.” Use for a discussion starter or an ice-breaker, and watch as your students find themselves talking and laughing about everything from friends to family to faith. Incorporate Opposite Day into your ministry and get your students talking about things that really matter by talking about what doesn’t.

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