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Rick, a phone rep for a credit card company, and Stephen, an ex-college sports star turned successful sales manager, have nothing in common except Sarah, but when Stephen tries to scare Rick away from her, he accidentally kills the prophesied hero of another world, and both men are thrown headlong into a land of magic and treachery.

Without explanation or preparation, the two unlikely companions are hunted by all sides of a growing conflict, the only constant of which is conspiracy. Chased by warring factions, deceived and distrusted by nearly all they meet, and dragged from one terror to another, Rick and Stephen soon learn that the age-old rules of the story books don't seem to apply here.

Bound by little more than mutual confusion, the two men are soon at odds as they struggle to survive their inexplicable situation. In the face of the deceit and brutality surrounding them, their own natures threaten to split them apart and ruin any chance they might have to return home.

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ISBN: 9780595914692
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