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RITES AND WRONGS is a humorous fantasy novel in the tradition of Fritz Leiber and, latterly, Tom Holt. It is the story of one small god’s battle for fame and power. His fight for existence against apathy, greed and blatant atheism. He leaves Earth in search of another, less sophisticated, world where his unique talents will be better appreciated. His ambition is to set up an adoring congregation who will love and worship him and only him, and to have mighty heroes stride the world on holy quests searching for relics with which to adorn his magnificent temple.

OK, so he’ll settle for a little respect and the odd orgy or two.

What he ends up with is a corpulent and miserly High Priest, a mute acolyte, and two reluctant crusaders who are more interested in having a good time than gaining points on the karmic scoreboard.

But Banish is not a god to give up easily.

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ISBN: 9781469734125
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